Friday, December 30, 2011

Texas Longhorn light offshore rod

This is a Longhorn rod built on a Phenix PSW700M. It has Alps components, an EVA foregrip, and x-flock over ribbed EVA rear grip. The thread is Madiera and Pro-wrap, and the finish is Threadmaster lite. This one will be paired with an Avet and used for light offshore work in TX.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ship Channel Snook Trip

On 12/27, Keith, Steve and I hit the Brownsville ship channel in the Panga to look for some snook. It was very low tide, but the water was clean and the snook were hungry. We ended up with 9 snook, 3 reds, and a bunch of ladyfish. Steve had the hot hand on the ladyfish with a gulp shrimp, Keith was hammering the snook on a chrome/black baby buster, and I caught my snook on a white 6" gulp jerk shad. The biggest snook was Keiths at about 27". We had some strikes from some giants, but didn't connect. This was Steve's first redfish, so we snapped a pic. Good times with the family this Christmas holiday!

Willamar Hog Hunt

The day after Christmas, all the boys headed out to Willamar to meet up with a pack of pig dogs. (I'm gonna hold off on mentioning the dog owner's name, because I'm not sure if he wanted us to be shooting video) The pigs have been getting into the stored grain out by the gin, so that's where we started. We worked some of the brush leading up to the pasture block, and finally found a big pack of about 15 hogs. The dogs killed one of the small ones before we got to it, and they caught another one that had a wounded leg. Cale wielded the knife on that one. The rest of the pack got across the highway and got away. From there, we hunted the backside of the L block. The dogs picked up a scent almost right away, and the chase was on. After a long run through the brush, through a muddy ditch, and across a couple fields, Cale, Keith and Charlie were the first on the scene. After a short wrestling match, Cody put his Rambo knife to good use and dispatched a good sized boar. After that, we had another big one on the run, but it managed to slip the dogs. Here's some shots of the dogs, the fully rhino lined truck, the hero shot, and the kill video.

The quote of the day was when Steve asked the dog owner's 9 year old daughter what the bucket of water was for on the truck. "Is that to give the dogs a drink?" -- "Naw, that's to wash the blood off the knives"
Calm before the storm...

Beast of a hunting truck...

Cold blooded

**The video is very graphic and may be disturbing - viewer discretion advised**
Cody's kill

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bully Bat

Here's a fish bat that's headed to the East Coast today. It is bocote wood with a hemp wrist strap. Should put a helluva headache on any skulls it meets! Rod pics coming soon!