Thursday, June 13, 2013

Big bait chunking with Alan Bell

I got lazy on the blog in May, so I have some catching up to do... I got the opportunity to jump on board with Alan Bell last night at the low water crossing on Lake Austin. I was out there monday evening, and saw a giant bass come up and try to eat a dead bass that had gotten sucked through the dam. I told Alan about it,         and he decided to check out the scene. Alan is pretty legendary on Lake Austin for being a big bait/big fish specialist. This spring, he had a 5 fish bag for 46lbs in one morning. I was amused when he made this video and posted it up this morning. (I have gained the nickname of Puma with the locals, because my beard supposedly makes me look like Lance Berkman)

It's not everyday that I get to jump on a boat and throw $250 swimbaits toward a concrete bridge. No giants today, but any opportunity to fish with Alan is a great learning experience.