Sunday, October 20, 2013

Another Wednesday Win... plus a Double Digit

Craig Cordoba and I had a really fun night of fishing on Wednesday!! The weather was cool and overcast, perfect for fishing topwaters over the shallow grass. Instead of that, we started the tournament on a deep spot and said we would commit to it for 10 minutes and see if we could get a big bite before going shallow. After about five minutes, I caught our first little keeper of the night. That was enough to make us stick around and fish it a little longer. After about 15 minutes, I called last cast and started a very slow retrieve with a Zoom brush hog. I felt the slightest little tap on the line, and set the hook as hard as I could. I could feel that the fish was heavy, and when it came up for a jump, we realized it was huge. It went for deep water, and I loosened up the drag on the 15lb test line to take the fight slowly. She finally came boatside and Craig got the net under her. The second fish of the night weighed in at 11.30lbs. She was 26.5" long, with an 18.5" girth. My second double digit fish this year from Lake Austin, and my fourth DD overall. 

We knew we were in a good spot to go for the win, and we stuck around the same spot and filled our limit with three more keepers over the next hour. From there, we decided to stay deep, and hit a few brushpiles. The brushpile bite was pretty slow, so we decided to head back to our start spot. There was a boat sitting on it, so we continued uplake and fished some docks until we saw that same boat cruise by us. At that point, we knew our start spot was open, so we set up on it again with about 40 minutes to go. We fished deep for a while and I decided to try a toss up shallow. The line felt a little mushy, so I set the hook on what I thought was a little fish. I was reeling it in, when it suddenly turned and started ripping drag toward the engine. I looked down at the trolling motor pedal to turn the boat, and the fished jumped. Craig said it was another big one, so I loosened the drag to take it easy on it. After a tough fight, we finally got it in the boat. Our second biggest fish was an 8.5lbr!! 

We culled two more times after that to finish out our 25.36lb limit. It was enough to win the tournament by over 10lbs and collect our first place and big bass $$$!