Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lake Austin Fat Triplets!!!

Well, today ended a little dry spell I was having. I havn't blogged any fish pics lately because I've only been catching little ones in my tournaments! Well, the little fish streak was shattered this morning on Lake Austin. LA has been fishing really good lately, and several really big fish have been caught. Bryan and I decided to do a little early morning mission and try our luck! We pulled up to a creek mouth, and on the second cast, I hooked into the first of three 9 pounders!! I caught all of them on a Bandit 250 crankbait using my 8' custom crankbait rod built on a Castaway 965. Within about 10 minutes, I had all three fish in the boat! The 2nd and 3rd jumped several times all the way out of the water, and I was yelling at them the whole time to stay down! Fortunately, they all came aboard and all survived! It was the craziest 10 minutes of bass fishing of my life!! I'll have a video added soon!!