Monday, May 21, 2012

May Tourney Report

Rachel and I teamed up on Sunday for the Big Sandy Creek bass club tournament on Lake Travis. It was a pretty tough day of fishing, but we put together a limit that was anchored by this 6lb 12oz kicker. I caught it on a green pumpkin Reins bubble shaker on a spot remover. This fish was good enough for big bass of the tourney and got us the win!
I also made a little money with Chris Hale last tuesday night. We fished the TTZ working mans tournament on Travis and finished second for $160. We caught our fish on crankbaits and jigs. Travis has been pretty good to me lately!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Blown away on Falcon

Here's a few fish from Falcon the last week of April. I had the opportunity to fish down there a little longer than expected, and ended up spending 5 days on the water. Keith came out on friday afternoon and fished the club tourney with me for the weekend. The wind was absolutely brutal, especially on saturday and sunday. We caught alot of fish, especially when we could get into the trees. They were biting blackberry and Cali 420 brush hogs really good.  The biggest of these was a little over 7lbs. We ended up in 3rd for the tourney. We needed one more fish for the win, but after smashing my trolling motor in the trees, spearing a huge wave, ripping my skeg off, and losing my forward gear, we were lucky just to get back to the ramp, much less get that last fish! It was a fun trip... I got to play with my new side imaging, and got to explore lots of new spots on the Mexican side of the lake. Can't wait to get back down there minus the wind!!

Big Swimbait Rod

Here's a swimbait rod I finished a while back that I've been meaning to post up...
Phenix Ultra Swimbait Series USB-711MH-B
7’11” Mod Fast Tip rated for up to 5oz baits
Spiral Wrapped REC Recoil Guides
CastAway Fully Exposed Reel Seat
Custom Prickly Pear Butt Cap
7” of Tiger Wrap in blue/gun metal