Thursday, December 30, 2010

Falcon Lake!!

Well, I finally got to fish the fabled waters of Falcon Reservoir!! The boat has lots of new scratches, spiders, and broken off thorn sticks & I couldn't be happier! Dad and I fished 12/22,23 and again on 12/27, 28. Dad caught his new personal best twice!! The first one was a 7.25lb bucketmouth caught on a black megatail rattlesnake on a main lake point. The second was a 8.25lb fat bellied mama that ate a green shad JoBaby spinnerbait with a white Zoom grub trailer. We fished main lake points, flooded brush, deep humps, pond dams, creek channels, dam rocks, bridges, submerged bridges... pretty much anything we could find, we fished. The best bite was on the spinnerbaits on tuesday. We ended up with 33.5lbs for our top five, with dad's 8.25 anchoring the sack. The bass were crushing the spinnerbaits, and at one point, I almost lost a rod when a 6.5lbr hit it so hard that it ripped the rod out of my hands! Dad and I both got a new lesson in what it takes to catch these fish out of thick cover. PULL!!!! We didn't catch an undersize fish the entire trip & we probably had a total of 15+ fish over 5lbs. I got the Falcon bug out of my system for now, but I have a feeling it's gonna hit me again soon!!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

New fishin' buddy!!!

Heeeere's Louie!! Rachel and I decided to go ahead and get a boxer puppy for Christmas. He's about 9 weeks old and he's a great little pup. Right now, he has two speeds.... sleep and destroy. We went on his first fishing trip on friday afernoon and he was pretty fired up!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

LSU Tiger Rod

Here's another LSU stick! This one is a Phenix 700M blank with a Texas Algarita/purple resin butt with an inlaid LSU Tiger ball marker. It has a split Fuji Cobra finish reel seat, a winding check to match the butt, purple and gold tiger wraps, and REC black pearl guides. Time to geaux fishin!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Lake Travis 12/3

Fished Lake Travis with David this afternoon from Sandy Creek to Arkansas Bend. The fish were pretty aggressive. We caught quite a few on crankbaits, shaky heads, C-rigs, and poppers. At one point, we found a big school chasing shad and had five or six bass at a time coming out of the water and doing backflips as they were busting bait. The DD-22 bite was real good for a while on some deep points. The biggest fish came on a popper right next to a chunk rock bank. I casted to the bank and was a little high. The popper got caught on a rock right at the waterline. I pulled the rock and it flipped over into the water. I guess the splash from the rock got this fish's attention, because before the rock had even sunk to the bottom, this fish came up and crushed the popper. This one was 21.5" and about 5.5lbs. Fun afternoon on Travis!!