Sunday, December 8, 2013

Big Mama Slaunchbelly

Last wednesday, I hit Lake Austin with John Ward and Trey Epich in the TTZ Skeeter FX20. Trey caught an 11-7, I caught an 8-10, and our top five for the night went about 35lbs.

Here's the pics:
Here's the video of Trey's new personal best:
And the audio transcript (thanks to John Ward):

Trey: We don't have a scale do we?
John: No we can call Craig.
Trey: Ohhh Slaunchbelly
(Trey lifts bass over into net, John starts to swing net on to boat)
Kyle: Nice Buddy
Trey: I don't know if that's a 10
John: It's pretty damn close
Trey: (in unison) pretty damn close
Trey: That's a 10...definately
John: That's a 10, 10 plus
Kyle: Let's see, oh god yeah, that's 10 easy buddy
John: That thing is huge
(Trey lifts bass from net)
Kyle: uhh yeah
Trey: That's like an 11
John: Freakin big, mumbles
Kyle: That's a freaking beast
John: let me turn the live well on
Kyle: That would be a beast
Trey: Ohh my goodness......Hide your kids, hide your wife, big momma slaunchbelly is going to eat your children.
group laughter

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